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Manchester City Centre Car Rental

Manchester Car Rental are pleased to offer car hire services in the heart of Manchester, where it is estimated that around 2.5 million people conduct their daily business. We are very aware of the importance of providing a reliable service as close to your location as possible and, consequently, our business has developed so that your vehicle rental needs are met at a number of locations around Central Manchester.

If business is what brings you to Manchester, our car rental locations in the City Centre will offer you a cost effective, as well as effortless way to get around the hectic hub of Greater Manchester.

Depending on your needs, our wide range of vehicles include economy class cars, guaranteed to make your journeys more efficient, estate cars, for individuals that have higher space requirements, or even SUVs and exotic cars, for personalities that simply want nothing short of the best in automotive comfort or engineering.

Whether your plans take you beyond the outskirts of Manchester, to places such as the bohemian Lake District or you are a sports enthusiast and you would like to visit the famous Old Trafford stadium, our car hire services are at your disposal.

Should you want to enjoy what our fine Northern city has to offer in terms of cuisine and culture, Manchester Car Rental can provide you with a luxury car that will look the part outside one of the famous restaurants owned by Michelin-starred chef Paul Heathcote, or a vehicle with the seating capacity for a family visit to the Museum of Science and Industry located in the heart of the city.

Perhaps you’re in Manchester for a short amount of time and you want to do a bit of shopping. Deansgate and Market Street are considered to be the main retail areas of the City Centre, whereas fashion enthusiasts might want to pay a visit to St. Ann’s Square.

With our help, your time in Manchester can be even more enjoyable! Book car hire online today or contact us and let us take care of your car rental needs, leaving you to simply have a fun family holiday or business trip.
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