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Piccadilly Railway Station (Manchester) Car Rental

As the principal railway station for Manchester, the Piccadilly Railway Station is also the busiest, serving over 23 million passengers in the year of 2012-13. The station officially opened in 1842, serving intercity routes from across northern England, as well as the coast. Outside London, it is the sixth busiest station in the United Kingdom and the second busiest train interchange location.

Piccadilly Station’s undercroft is also an important Metrolink node for Manchester and therefore, Manchester Car Rental decided to expand their services in order to include this location. As this very station has the highest customer satisfaction rate within the UK, we aim to provide a car hire service that is equally excellent in order to meet the demands of the people using the railway station.

In our business, there is nothing more important than customer satisfaction. Our team at Manchester Car Rental understands how important our customers are and, consequently, we strive to offer everyone that uses our services the best experience possible.

Our rental cars will help you make your way around the bustling City of Manchester. Should you wish to visit Deansgate or Market Street for a shopping session or maybe enjoy the plethora of clubs and entertainment facilities that Manchester has to offer, the purpose of our car hire service is to make your life more comfortable - you'll need somewhere to put those shopping bags after all!

If you’re interested in cultural attractions, looking to visit the Royal Exchange Theatre or even the Cornerhouse Centre for cinema and visual arts, the vehicles we have available for you can meet any requirements including transporting the whole family.

If you’re searching for a way to enjoy Manchester to your own schedule, our wide range of vehicles is sure to satisfy any need or even all of them at once!

For more information about any of our services, we invite you to contact us by phone on 0161 262 2136 or to complete the form on our contact page. If you're ready to rent a car, don't hesitate and online booking on our website. We'll take car of everything else!
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